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Enjoy any of our bottles of wine with no corkage fee every Wednesday
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When the event has become bigger than expected or you just do not have time to cook, we cater most events.


 Our Story...

Chef Troy and his wife

One day, doors closed, no job. Two weeks before Thanksgiving and the restaurant that Chef Troy Meyers was working closed its doors for good. This was the point, the tipping point, the beginning of something new. For every door closed there is one that opens, that’s what Troy told himself, and that’s what he did, opened a new door.

With two kids needing Christmas presents Troy did something he said he would never do, a catering. But without a job and without a paycheck this is what needed to be done. The first gig was a success, rave reviews, compliments overflowing and invitations to catering more events. One catering turned to two, then three, then more than he could handle. In the winter of 2008, after catering for an entire year out of private homes doing parties, Troy needed a bigger place to work out of. On the way to an event he passed a local spot that had just closed its doors after fourteen years in business. It had a hand written sign in the window that said “for rent”, it was a small location, in a strip mall, and it had absolutely no appeal from the outside, it was perfect.

Troy signed a lease in January of 2009 and started in on the long task of cleaning the kitchen and getting things ready to start catering, but then, just then, he saw some potential, a 1000 sq. ft. dining room. What was it going to be, fine dining, not in the middle of a recession, or maybe fast food, but not with his name attached to it. In the middle of deciding Troy and his family were finding it more and more difficult to choose a place to eat that had the charm of a upscale dining establishment but the convenience of a quick service restaurant. There it was, right in front of them, the answer to the question was what they needed was what the community needed. Troy’s Café and Catering was born, a casual dining restaurant that focused on fresh ingredients, done simple and served in a friendly atmosphere.

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